Air Source Heat Pump services in East Barnet


ATN plumbing and heating is an accredited ecodan installer. The leading brand in air source heat pumps heating your home by transferring heat from the atmosphere into your radiators or underfloor heating system. It even works down to -15 degrees Celsius outside, and has one of the best COP ratios available. Please be careful when comparing COP that you are also comparing the same outside temperatures.

For a live demonstration we can arrange a visit to Mitsubishi Electric’s facilities in Hatfield.

We undertake all forms of plumbing work from dripping taps to complete new bathrooms and kitchens. Our services include repairing or replacing taps, toilets, basins, baths, sinks, valves, radiators, pumps, showers, overflows and guttering.

We will service your unvented hot water cylinder and flush out your heating system as well as your air source heat pump. We also offer free energy efficiency advice for everyone.

Air Source Heat Pump services in East Barnet

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