Copper Kitchen Accessories in Hertfordshire

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What you can expect from our company’s products

Being antimicrobial, copper products are safe not only for domestic clients but industrial ones as well – keep public kitchens spotless with this material, and worry less about the spread of those nasty germs.

Cook in comfort, safety and style with my copper accessories. These kitchen accessories are often handmade to my own style and size. However, for your satisfaction, custom options are available – these services need to be discussed in full to ensure you receive the product for your requirements.

Copper isn’t your style, you say? That’s fine. Chrome options are available to provide a different, but equally, funky and unique industrial look. My kitchen accessories range in price from £3 - £32, ensuring you can find an affordable, bespoke item that meshes well with your kitchen.

As I operate from a home-run, ‘grassroots’ business, I am able to dedicate my complete attention to my craft and as a consequence, my customer – you’ll not find quality like this anywhere else. Some of my kitchen accessories include: kitchen roll holders, large and standard kitchen utensil rails, a wall hung clock and brass wall fixing. You can even spruce up your curtains by selecting my high-quality, copper curtain rail.

When you think of your kitchen – do you think of quirky, functional elegance? Perhaps you would call your kitchen striking, industrial, unique? If not, let me help.

Using both specialist glue and traditional soldering techniques, here at ATN Online, I handcraft unique kitchen accessories using copper and brass – a strong and versatile metal perfect for the kitchen. There is no rust, and plus, copper is the safest material to use in your kitchen. Being antimicrobial, copper can defend against germs of all kinds – Covid-19 and E.Coli don’t stand a chance!

Copper Kitchen Accessories in Hertfordshire

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