Copper Bathroom Accessories in Hertfordshire

Bathroom Accessories

Transform your bathroom for the better

Want to say goodbye to dreary, ‘same old, same old’ bathroom décor? Transform a nice bathroom into a luxe, dream one with ATN’s bespoke bathroom accessories.

Your bathroom can be quirky AND functional – there’s no room for plain, old loo roll anymore! My bathroom products range from a single towel holder, to a complete shower basket and all the ‘letters and numbers’ you need to ensure a productive, yet suave bathroom space.

The copper I use does not rust or damage when in prolonged contact with water – in fact, copper metals are even used in marine atmospheres and are common in fresh water piping. Even if you select a Chrome option, it will not react with water and is water insoluble, meaning you can bathe in luxury, comfort AND safety.

Do you want a more visible, yet sophisticated original look? Go for my traditional soldering method when creating these bathroom accessories – the soldering creates a small silvering along the joints of the metal, evoking a more original industrialist look. If that’s not for you, specialist glue can also be used to ensure a seamless, invisible look between the joints.

Pricing for my bathroom accessories range from £3 - £33, maintaining the affordable theme of my shop. Handmade, handcrafted products don’t have to be pricey – I want everyone to enjoy having a sweet, fresh and rejuvenated bathroom.

As with ATN’s kitchen accessories, our bathroom products are antimicrobial – safe to use even in public hospitals. Central to our ideals is providing industrial elegance fused with functionality; all of our bathroom accessories, custom-made or not, will compliment your home.

Copper Bathroom Accessories in Hertfordshire

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